Our courses are both for those students looking to assure themselves of the top grades and for students who are struggling with the IB.

Where possible, subjects are set. Our teachers ensure students are fully aware of the necessary ground to cover to be successful in the final exams, focussing on the core content of courses. Students receive intensive tuition in their chosen subject with a carefully structured and organized schedule supported by suitable written and visual resources to help prepare for exams.

Our teachers seek to enter a dialogue with students over what topics or skills they wish to focus on and take this into account, while still aiming to cover as much of the core course as possible. Our teachers help students improve their exam techniques to ensure they develop the necessary skills to answer IB exam questions successfully. Students will receive advice on how best to revise for their forthcoming exams.

Teaching is conducted in groups of 10 students or fewer at the school, in comfortable well-equipped classrooms. Our courses are taken by both Alphy School students and external students alike, with students arriving from all over the world.